What happens if I go over my bandwidth or disk space quota?


Once you approach 80% of your bandwidth usage you will periodically receive emails informing you that you are reaching your bandwidth limit and steps must be taken to ensure that you don't hit or go over this quota. This should provide plenty of notice and pre-warning.
We also receive a copy of this email.

If your site reaches the bandwidth quota allocated to you, your website(s) will cease to display your website files and will in place display a "Bandwidth Exceeded" error message. This message will clear either on upgrading your account, or at the start of your next billing cycle - when all bandwidth measurements are reset.

Disk Space

If you reach your maximum disk space quota, then you will not be able to upload any additional files to your website. This may cause problems with dynamic scripts if the uploading of content is necessary. Additionally, if you are hosting your email with us, you will not be able to receive new messages to any mailboxes on your account.

As with the bandwidth notifications, at 80% disk space usage you will periodically begin to receive warnings that you are approaching this limit - leaving you adequate time to make arrangements to reduce your usage.

Z Web Design can advise and give tips on how to keep your bandwidth at an efficient level and keep your disk space low. EG Avoiding large images, files etc.

Extra disk space is available if required at $2.00 per 200MB per month increments.
A $3.00 per month up to 5GB increments is currently charged once you go over your allocated data limit.
You will only be charged after you agree to accept the charges via an email.

Unused bandwidth or disk space may not roll over to the following month.
Your allocations are reset to your original quote at the start of your next billing cycle unless you indicate that you would like to keep the larger allottment permenant..

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